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Private Wealth Management

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Private Wealth Management

Many from young professionals to successful families face a tricky dilemma when selecting a wealth advisor: They may lack the >100-200 crore portfolio required to grab the full attention of a large advisory firms, but being confined to a big bank or brokerage firm isn’t a good fit either. In our opinion, each family deserves dedicated wealth managers who can provide face to face, transparent, knowledge based advisory rather than be herded with a large one size fits all brand.

A simple to understand strategy, where the family has access to its portfolio at command is of paramount importance to us. This is further complemented by our superior execution, rigorous product due diligence, and undivided attention to our client’s needs

- Equity Mutual Funds
- Direct Equity
- Portfolio Management Services
- Debt Mutual Funds
- Structured Products
- Corporate Bonds
- Tax Free Bonds

- Private Equity

- Real Estate

- Unlisted Securities

Estate Planning

Wealth creation is only half the job done. Protecting and making a transmission plan for the next generation is sometimes far more relevant in a complex legal system like India. Planning the transmission of your estate to loved ones can often be a stressful, cumbersome, and difficult process. It is often overlooked. We realize it is not just our responsibility to manage our client’s wealth, but also ensure it is passed on to the next generation without any loss, be it for an HNI or a young professional with a dependent family.  Whether it is a will, private trust or a gift, we endeavour to help identify appropriate structures to transmit and protect your wealth in a seamless manner.

Private Trusts

Private trusts are by far the most effective estate planning instruments which ensure the dual benefit of assets being protected from external liabilities and a seamless transfer of wealth to next generation.


Creating and Registering Will to ensure a smooth and secure transmission of assets to the intended beneficiaries.

Insurance Advisory
Understanding and Evaluating a family's insurance needs and conducting audits on periodic intervals

Efficient Tax Management

Real wealth management requires continuous tax planning. Wealth managers often shrug responsibility from tax planning for their clients and families resort to having overdependence on their Chartered Accountants. It is often reduced to a simple exercise of filing returns after 31st March, by which it is too late. We strongly believe that tax planning goes hand in hand with investment management and estate planning. Our income tax act contains a plethora of provisions to our benefit, which should be fully taken advantage of as tax paying citizens. At BlueFort, we strive to merge the different realms of investment advisors and chartered accountants with an objective to optimize the pre-tax and post-tax returns for our clients.

Family Tax Planning

Family Tax Planning

Corporate Tax Planning
Corporate Tax Planning

We also do marketing and promotional activities like roadshows for various financial products.